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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Airfried Crabsticks

The 1st time i tried to airfry them was last chinese new year. My sister wanted to try so i joined in the fun. Its quite time consuming as there is a limit to how pieces you can put each time to fry to ensure they are fried evenly. For a packet(i am using Dodo.),it takes 3 batches. Of course you can put more if you are confident that you can fry them evenly.

You may think,why go through so much hassle when you can easily grab some from the supermarket.. Well,the taste is definitely different. Somehow homemade is better,no funny oil taste. Maybe cos its airfried?

Anyway,I had leftovers after using some for soup today. So I airfried the remaining. My elder daughter ate a piece and told me thats the best chips she has ever eaten. Haha! So PORfessional.

If you are a crabstick lover like me,do give it a try!


  •  1 small container(those cny container with red lid)

You will need: 
  • One packet crabsticks(i am using Dodo)
  • Oil(i am using canola oil)
  • Seasoning like salted egg powder/curry powder(optional)
The Preparation:
  1. Remove plastic from crabsticks
  2. Unroll and lay them flat on a clean plate.
  3. Tear each piece into 1cm wide or whatever width/length you desire.
  4. Toss with a little bit of oil.
The Cooking:
  1. Set airfryer to 180 degrees and preheat for 5 mins.
  2. Fry for 10-15 mins(depends how browned you want them to be),tossing them every few minutes.
  3. Remove from airfryer to cool on a plate before storing in airtight container.
  4. Repeat till you finish the packet.
*for seasoning,toss in when they are almost done frying.

  • I prefer straight and flat pieces so i lay them flat to fry for the initial few minutes. After they sort of firm up,i will then toss them. This also ensure that the crabsticks are evenly fried.
  • Make sure that you fry till there are no more white spots on the crabsticks else they will lose their crispiness very fast.
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