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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chocolate Eclairs

Ah..Chocolate Eclairs..Reminded me of the days in Wales.I loved to buy these from Morrisons.My all time favourite after dinner dessert. Last month,i just bought myself a huge block of chocolate compound so i decided to make some.

The recipe is similar to cream puffs,both using choux pastry.You can look for the recipe here.
However,the piping is different,same goes for the filling and coating.I am using a nastar mould to pipe the pastry.(3 layers.) The filling is chocolate with frosty whip and the coating is chocolate compound.

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Piping the pastry

All puffed up.Almost ready!

Ready to be pipe!

Punch 3 holes at the bottom and fill them.
Then coat the top with chcolate compound.

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