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Monday, April 15, 2013

Japanese Cotton Marble Cheesecake

My all time favourite cotton cheesecake recipe.This time i added cocoa paste to make it a marble cheesecake.For this 3rd attempt,i think it looks the prettiest.It doesn't have a waist(shrinking at the sides) and also the overall cake did not shrink much as well.

So here's the tips i am sharing(subject to the recipe you are using,though i think generally it works.):

#1-DO NOT,i repeat,DO NOT line the tin.Just grease generously.It will come out easily.

#2-I was supposed to bake it at 160°C but i took a little longer to put my cake in as my little gal was disturbing me.So i ended up baking at 140°C.It took longer to bake(10 more minutes) but i did not have to tent it and it browned beautifully. So i have to thank my gal for this.Ha! By the way,I am baking in the middle rack,if you wonder.

#3-Leave the cake in the tin in the oven when its done.Open the oven door slightly.And when you see the sides "leaving" the tin(takes about 5-10 mins).Its time to bring it out and remove from the tin.

#4-You DO NOT need to overturn the cake to cool. Else yours might end up like mine.The top part wasn't so pretty as some of the top layer were stuck to the rack. >_<

For the cotton cheesecake recipe i am using,click here. To make it a marble cheesecake,add cocoa paste to 1/3 of the batter.(1 tablespoon of cocoa powder mix with 1.5 tablespoon of water)

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