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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sugar Butter Bun

I am posting this entry for sharing purposes as i have a few enquires in my group on how i did it.So i guess others would be curious as well? Normally if i am using the same recipe(but making them in uninteresting different shapes/sizes),i don't blog about it cos i don't really want to mess up my blog.Its kind of annoying seeing similiar recipes keep coming up and a bit pointless,at least for me.After all this blog is to share with people who wish to try different varieties/versions/flavours of recipes. ;)

Okay,anyway,I did a few buns two days ago.One of them is my favorite sugar butter bun.After asking my group  Bread Queen-Meng Choo for advice on how to roll the bun,i did it! ;)

Assorted Buns Clockwise:Sugar Cheese,Nutella,Sugar Butter,Sausage

I am using my usual bread recipe.This time i substituted 20g of bread flour with wholemeal flour.
For this sugar butter bun,after i proof,divide and rest the dough,i rolled it into an oval shape.Here's how i did it,i followed this blog's instruction.Then after the 2nd proof,i used a scissors to cut the dough(the longer side,leaving about 1.5cm of both ends uncut).Then i placed a piece of butter into each of the slit and sprinkle sugar on them generously. Easy,ya?

TaDah! Done! Ready to go to the oven!

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