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Monday, April 16, 2012

Mango Cream Cake

I have been waiting to make this cake for some time,then i made it for my mum's birthday.Everything was fine at first,i managed to get sweet mangoes(its mango season!),i had a great came to the frosting part.It was around 34°C that day and my whipped cream kept "weeping" so i need to frost really quick and put it into the fridge.I tried writing with chocolate,the chocolate melted.Then I tried writing with writing gel,it melted too.(I guess i stored it too long after opening,it became watery).I still brought it to my mum's place nonetheless and asked her to buy one instead.Mine doesn't look good enough for the pictures!She then cut half of my cake for me to bring home,another half she will have it for breakfast with my dad.

That night,i tried my cake,was good!! Despite the ugly outlook,it tasted good!! Mum called me in the morning and told me about the cake,she likes it and even mentioned that its better than the one she bought! Ah Ha!! Soooo,we really shouldn't judge a book by its cover.Ha!

  • 5.5" round cake tin

You will need:

(A) Cake
125g optima flour
2 eggs
25ml cold water
30ml oil
1/2 teaspoon mango flavouring

3 sweet mangoes (puree 150g and diced the rest)
10g gelatine
30g water
30-40g of sugar (adjust according to sweetness of mangoes)
200g whipping cream
1 teaspoon mango flavouring

1 tablespoon sugar
2 tablespoons water

The Preparation & Baking:
  1. Whisk all ingredients in (A) except oil till thick.
  2. Add oil and whisk till combined.
  3. Bake in a lined cake tin for 15-20 minutes at 160°C,cool on rack when done.
  4. Boil (C) till sugar dissolved,leave aside to cool.
  5. Boil puree,flavouring,gelatine,water and sugar from (B) in a pot till gelatine and sugar are dissolved,leave aside to cool.
  6. Whip the cream till stiff peaks are formed.
  7. Add in mixture from step 4,using a hand whisk.
  8. Place cream in a bowl in a ice water bath to prevent cream from melting.
The Assembly:
  1. Slice the cake into half (horizontally)
  2. Brush bottom layer with sugar water.
  3. Spread cream,sprinkle all diced mangoes on bottom layer.
  4. Place top layer on top.
  5. Brush top layer with sugar water.
  6. Frost the entire cake with the remaining cream.
  7. Store in an airtight container in fridge till served.
  • To know if your cake is cooked thoroughly or not,insert a skewer or satay stick onto the centre.If it comes out clean,it is done.
  • Personally i prefer to line my tin with baking paper than grease it as it is easier to remove the cake when done.
  • This cake is very prone to breaking as it is very soft,so be careful when removing from tin.
  • The top of the cake cracks or burns easily,so keep a lookout when baking and adjust temperature and tier accordingly.
  • You do not need to use a spring form tin,a normal cake tin will do.If you wish to use a spring form tin,cover the tin surrounding with aluminium foil.
  • Do not slice cake when it is hot.*The cake is very fragile when it is hot.
  • Different mixers and ovens will differ in mixing and cooking time.
  • For more info,click here.

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