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I may not be the originator of most recipes but time and effort is spent on experimenting/testing out recipes,editing photos,creating entries.

Please include the link of my blog entry/ies if you wish to share at other places.Please do not just copy and paste and pass it as yours.

Respect when sharing.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Recipes

Some of you may be wondering where i gotten my recipes from.I source for recipes in cookbooks,online recipes,magazines and from my mum.

I will try to write down the source(if i can still locate them)I took my recipe from for your reference though I may have done some mild modifications to it. Those that I did not provide the link or source would be recipes that I tried to invent myself or had done huge modifications to it that its no longer relevant to its original source or the link is no longer available.

I like to do referencing for this is my way of respecting the original author or recipe creator.I hope people will do the same for my site as well.There is nothing to be ashamed of using other people recipes but it is something to be ashamed of when one uses them and pass it off as theirs. ;)

I will update from time to time as i cook and bake,so stay tuned for the recipes!

~Indulge in what we make at DeQueenKitchen~

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