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Friday, March 30, 2012

Common Q and A (Baking)

For the benefit of new bakers!

1.Are all brands of ingredients the same?
- Having quality results means using quality ingredients.It makes a difference.Trust me!

2.Must fruits be ripe if we are using them?
- When using fruits,use very ripe ones else you will end up with sour faced guests ;)

3.The recipe calls for flour,so which kind of flour should I use?
- When a recipe calls for flour and you are unsure what type of flour to use.Check if the recipe calls for any baking powder,if no,then use self raising flour,else use plain flour.

4.What kind of sugar do i use?
- Use castor sugar unless the recipe states brown sugar or icing sugar.
5.Do all ingredients need to be at room temperature?
- You need to prepare all your ingredients before you start anything.However if recipe asks for cold eggs,then take them out when you need them.Look out for details in recipe like melted butter,etc.

6.How come the cooking time states 20 minutes but my cake is still not done?
- Different ovens have different cooking type despite the same temperature set.You will "understand" your oven more or less after a few bakes.

7.Greasing or lining baking tin is better?
- Personally,I prefer to line my tin as it is mess free and easy to remove from tin.There are silicon ones in the market now which does not require greasing or lining.

8.My cake top is brown but how to I know if it is cooked already?
- When the cake top is brown,it doesn't mean it is cooked already.Insert a skewer or satay stick in the centre,the cake is done if it comes out clean.Otherwise bake for a few more minutes and test again.

9.My cake did not turn out well! Why?
- There are many reasons on why your cake did not turn out well.Click here to troubleshoot.

10. How do I frost a cake nicely and what is a crumb coat?
Please click below accordingly for detailed information.
- Buttercream cakes
- Cupcakes
- Cakes with fillings
- Crumb coat

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