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Friday, March 30, 2012

Basic Baking Tools

The pics below are MUST HAVE for baking.My favourite places for buying these tools are Daiso(yes!! u can get lotsa baking items there,BUT don't get the baking tins as they will rust.),Phoon Huat and Bake King. Kitchen Carpers has quite a lot of selection too.

I have been using this kind of oven all along.Not built in,not tok kong one.But it still does the work.Its petite size is a plus point to buy for new houses which kitchens are sooooo small.

I used to use a normal cheapo stand mixer then i lost in somewhere in my mum's kitchen.Then when i shifted to my new place,i bought the handheld mixer.My husband bought me the bosch mixer recently when i told him that i felt that my hand mixer is going to go bonkers soon.It gets HOT very fast,must be overworked!

Timer from Daiso,its really good when you are baking with HappyCall Pan.
Digital weighing scale which i bought at about 75% discount at Isetan.

The basic that you need to have for baking cake and bread and also to decorate your cake.

Lots of different types,shapes and sizes of baking pans/tins.I still have some more in the cupboard which i have yet dig out!

And lots of different patterns of liners.I prefer the paper ones.Those at Daiso are nice but they have this coating which i don't really like.As for the liners at the top left hand corner,it is "higher" than normal liners,i got them at Ebay as i couldn't find them in local baking shops.

I find that one can never have enough of these tools.If you see any you like,just grab them!(Remember to pay $ first,ha!) They have no expiry dates!

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