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Friday, March 30, 2012

Basic Baking Ingredients

Here i present you the most common ingredients we need for baking breads or cakes.I normally buy them from NTUC,Cold Storage or Giant and sometimes Sheng Siong.Giant and Cold Storage(Kallang Leisure Park) has a wide variety of selections in terms of flour,essence,sprinkles.For more specific baking ingredients like matcha powder,wilton gel colouring,i will make a trip to Phoon Huat or Bake King.

The 3 basic flours i use,for cake and bread making.I believe in using better quality flours as they will result in better taste and texture.For sugar,i will get castor sugar from SIS.

The above are the must have in your cupboard.I like using Wilton colourings as they result in beautiful colours compared to the normal glass bottle coloring.And the price difference is not much! For cocoa powder,u can get Van Houten also,its just as good.For the instant yeast,my mum has been using this brand,so i just followed,ha!

Most of the baking ingredients have long shelf life,so don't worry about storing them for long.

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